Trusting Through The Flood

Posted on June 1, 2022

Student Devotional By: Eunice Ellison

As I was doing my readings in Genesis, I came across the familiar story of Noah's ark. In this story, not only were Noah's faith and obedience to God tested, but he had been given the huge task from God that, if not executed correctly, could have cost the lives of all humanity. 

The Lord gave Noah instructions to build something no one had ever seen and to do things that no one on Earth had ever done before - build a huge ark large enough to carry two of every living species on the Earth! Genesis 6:19 says, “Bring a pair of every kind of animal - a male and a female - into the boat with you and keep them alive during the flood.” 

What stands out here is that even after Noah was to complete the large task of building the ark, God gave him an even greater responsibility - to “keep them alive during the flood.”  At that moment, it clicked for me and I wondered, how can we be “kept alive” during our seasons of flooding? 

Identifying our needs helps us knowing who our Creator is and who He can be for us in the midst of the need. This looks like leaning and depending on the Holy Spirit for guidance and getting down to the root of what the “flood” in that season may look like. This also involves us exposing all obstacles and allowing the Lord to search our hearts and ask the hard questions like, “Have I really surrendered?” And, “Is this from God?”

Psalms, 44:21 says, “God would surely have known it, for he knows the secrets of every heart.” Whether you’re returning to God or strengthening your relationship with Him, He already knows the yearnings of your heart. So you can trust Him.

Having faith and obedience to the Lord provides a deep well of communing with Him. I can only imagine the backlash Noah experienced with mankind as he obeyed God. But, with his faithfulness and obedience, all of humanity now has a beautiful covenant. 

This story helps us realize that the trust level between God and Noah was something built over time and that Noah was willing to do whatever pleased the Father's heart. So, lean into what the Lord is speaking in your current season, whether it is in a flood season or even if you are living in the promise. God stands with us through everything. And by His love and fatherly conviction He continues to keep us alive through our flood and fruitful plain seasons.

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