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Bethany College students are some of the brightest and boldest leaders, not only within the local church but in the nation. Their ideas and creativity have helped shape the culture of Bethany Church.

Life as a student at BC is full of community and fun. Between official events and unofficial hangouts, our students have so many opportunities to experience what Baton Rouge has to offer and to grow in their friendships with each other.

And if you’re curious about some of the great things to do in the area, we’ve got just the thing!

Life in Baton Rouge

Welcome to the Red Stick!

Established by the French in the early 1700s, Baton Rouge (literally meaning “red stick”) is a growing and lively city rich in history, culture, and community. Louisiana is known for its amazing food and Southern hospitality; there is so much here for you to experience outside of the walls of Bethany College!

There are lots of exciting things to do in Baton Rouge, from special events to 5Ks to historical sites, while New Orleans is just over an hour away. Not only that, but the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches are just a few hours away!

Baton Rouge

New Orleans


Want to get away to somewhere sunny and sandy? The Gulf Coast beaches of Mississippi and Alabama, and even some of Florida, are easily accessible for a quick day trip or short weekend. Within three hours of Baton Rouge, you'll find beach cities like Gulfport and Biloxi, MS, and Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL. And if you want to drive just a little farther, you'll find places like Pensacola Beach and Destin, FL, as well!


We’re located in south Louisiana, so you can expect a fairly humid atmosphere due to the subtropical climate. Our winters are short and mild, with average temperatures in the high-30s to low-60s, while our summers are hot and humid, with highs in the 90s. You can expect cooler weather from late November to early March, although every year is a little different.

Baton Rouge experiences moderate to heavy rainfall all year, so make sure to pack a raincoat and umbrella!

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November, although storms can develop outside of the season. However, because Baton Rouge is inland, we have less to worry about than coastal cities. Our staff will monitor any storms if and when they develop and keep students updated with safety information as needed.


Baton Rouge’s public transportation system is the Capital Area Transit System (CATS). However, we recommend all students have their own vehicle for traveling, as the Baton Rouge and Baker Campuses are approximately half an hour apart via the interstate.