In the Shadow of Your Wings

Posted on June 8, 2022

Student Devotional By: Delfina Ramirez

In the Bible Psalm 17 is entitled, “In the Shadow of Your Wings.” It is a prayer Psalm by King David. This particular Psalm was David’s plea to God for freedom from his current circumstance. This psalm is quite powerful because through his pleading with the Lord, he obtained a positive outlook by faith in God.

When thinking about leaving one season and entering another I think about graduations. Graduation season is here and thriving! In this season we get to see family and friends successfully walk across the stage and receive their reward for being faithful in education and having a desire to succeed. Although it is fun for the moment, many people leave those ceremonies with fears of what awaits them in reality. For some it may be circumstances they are already facing or the question, “How will I make it since I am leaving everything I’ve known for years?” Maybe you aren’t necessarily “graduating,” but you are still in transition of leaving one season and going into the next. Transitions can be frightening especially if we do not feel prepared for what lies ahead of us. We can find ourselves just like David, pleading with God through the transition, looking for safety.

This Psalm, while it is a plea for God’s rescue, we can see that King David was assured in his time of transition in three areas of God’s loyalty regardless of his natural circumstance. These quick thoughts can encourage us to do the same in our seasons of graduation or transition, as well!

1. Finding Contentment

Contentment is the confidence or assurance that God is sufficient; He is able, adequate, powerful, the knower, and doer. In this psalm we see King David pleading his case of uncertainty or desperation, but still convinced of God's character and ability to “wondrously show [his] steadfast love” (Psalm 17:7). God wants us to be able to freely plead our case while believing that He is a good God who hears. In our pleading, let’s be confident that God knows all things and will work everything out for our good. 

“I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God.” Psalm 17:6

2. Finding the Source

While many circumstances can be heavy or downright scary, we were/are never meant to find solutions on our own. God's wisdom is too vast for our brains to try to comprehend His plans. But His plans are perfect and can be trusted through any situation. 

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 17:8 

Here are some key reminders to hold on to as you refocus on the True Source: God is our refuge and place of safety. God’s presence and character are of peace and rest. God created all things, therefore through Him all things are able to happen! Last, but not least, we are loved in His sight. These truths prove that His loving hand is over our lives and He is the faithful source of everything we need.

3. Finding Patience

Patience is a fruit provided by the Holy Spirit, but something we need to continually practice. Patience does not come easily.  But, through contentment and connection with the proper source, we find that being patient is worth it.  King David had to be patient for God to act in his circumstance. For us it may look like being patient as we wait for a certain career opportunity, a financial or personal breakthrough, favor in the marketplace or waiting for a loved one’s salvation. Whatever the circumstance may be, we should put waiting on God with confidence into practice. 

Final Thoughts:

“From your presence let my vindication come!” Psalm 17:2

While this season can look unsure, be encouraged that God surely hears us, knows us and knows our situations and will work them out at the perfect time. What you are facing in this season will help you in the next one! So, enjoy the now as you remember that God holds you and the plans for your life in His hands!

Delfina is a 2022 graduate of Bethany College! She is enjoying her new season of freedom and preparing for her own big transition into marriage this fall! Congratulations, Delfina! We are so proud of you!

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