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General FAQ

What are the admissions requirements?

  • 18 years of age by the start of the semester
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Completed online Application for Admission & Pastoral Recommendation Form
  • Proof of health insurance

Does Bethany College offer financial aid or student loans?

Financial aid is unavailable for Bethany One & Second Year students.

Does Bethany College offer scholarships?

Yes! We offer the Catalyst scholarship for students who show an aptitude for leadership and ministry. Information and application for the Catalyst scholarship can be found here.

We also offer several other scholarships. Click here for application information.

Can I come as a married student?

Yes! Married students can attend Bethany College if both spouses are in full support of the decision. Married students and students with children are still required to carry the full schedule and course load of all Bethany College students, which must be taken into consideration.


Is housing included in the estimated tuition costs?

Tuition does not include housing. All freshmen are required to live in our on-campus housing, as this allows them to fully experience the culture of BC and connect with other students. Sophmore-senior students can apply on a first-come, first-served basis to live on campus.

What is the weekly schedule for students?

Bethany College runs on a Sunday–Thursday schedule. Students attend live and online classes as well as participate in practicums during the week. All students are required to serve and attend weekend services at Bethany Church on Sundays.

Is there an age limit to apply?

Enrollment is open to everyone! Students must be at least 18 years of age and/or have completed high school. (*Students who completed high school before their 18th birthday must have a parent sign a release agreement to have them enroll early.) Beyond this, there is no age limit.

What does the schedule look like?

Our schedule is Monday - Thursday from 9am-12pm, with an option for more hands-on ministry on Thursdays. Location: Warehouse & South BR Campus

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition is $1500 for the year. The cost breakdown can be found on the BTS landing page and is as follows:

  • Application Fee: $50.00
  • Registration / Curriculum Fees: $300 (Includes resources and text book fees)
  • Fall Semester: $350
  • Spring Semester: $450
  • Summer Semester: $350

Tuition can be paid in full at the start of the school year or fees can be paid per semester at the start of each semester. Tuition must be paid in advance before enrolling in classes.

What are the details of student housing?

All Bethany College students have access to Student Housing in a nearby apartment complex through a corporate lease agreement maintained by Bethany College. Student Housing creates an amazing atmosphere for growth and connection where students will make lifelong friendships. Every apartment has a designated resident assistant to help make each student’s housing experience safe and enjoyable.

How much is housing?

Rent is $400.00 per month. This cost does not include internet and utilities.

Are night or online classes available?

We are not currently offering online or night class options, but hope to add them in the future! Please keep your eyes open for updates as they are released throughout the year.

Are any scholarships available?

Catalyst Scholarship is available and applications are currently open. This scholarship is open to all first year students who have a desire to grow in the Word of God and have shown an aptitude for leadership.