Bethany Church launched its first educational program in 1978, called Ministers Training Institute (MTI). It was an institution providing indispensable training to aspiring pastors and hundreds of men and women who wanted to follow the Lord in full-time service. After nearly two decades of developing leaders and starting schools in the Philippines, Scotland, Russia, Germany, Brazil, and Mongolia, MTI was adopted in 2005 by Bethany’s internship. It was the goal of this new leadership internship to raise up youth leaders for a new generation, while still championing the sound biblical teaching and stability MTI provided.  

On October 2, 2011, Bethany began a new chapter as Pastors Jonathan and Angie Stockstill officially became the third generation of Stockstills to serve as senior pastors. They serve with the same heart as their predecessors: to equip the body of Christ and see the local church flourish. Under their leadership, both MTI and the former internship program were absorbed into Bethany College in 2013. The college exists to give sound biblical theology, provide an atmosphere for a transformed spiritual life, and equip people with ministry skills that will impact the local church, community, marketplace, and beyond.