Godly Preparation

Posted on April 6, 2023

Welcome to April! It is time to prepare ourselves for the greatest celebration of all time - The resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! This month’s series is called From Mourning to Morning! We will be taking time to celebrate Easter each week by studying the phases that led up to the greatest victory of all time - where great sorrow turned into great joy. Let’s prepare our hearts to receive today’s amazing devotion from freshman student Jacob Desiga as he takes us on a journey through phase one - Godly Preparation.


For Christ Also Suffered Once For Sins, The Just For The Unjust , That He Might Bring Us to God , Being Put To Death In The Flesh But Made Alive By The Spirit. - 1 Peter 3:18 NKJV

When people think of the preparation for Jesus’ crucifixion and burial they often think of Mary breaking the alabaster jar on Jesus’ feet. But in that, we fail to understand the life-long preparation that even allowed Him to reach that point. You see, in order for you to not only know that you're going to die, but die one of the most gruesome deaths known to man you had to have had a reason why. Jesus had a prepared plan from The Father from the very beginning. It wasn’t a guess or assumption that he would be slaughtered, it was a known fact. And that's exactly how we should view our lives. We should already know ( If we don't already ) that we are going to face trials and tribulations, along with religious and personal persecution. So keeping not only preparation in front of you, but also the REASON for the preparation, is vital in our Walk with God. We are all called and Chosen by the King of kings, and have not only been given gifts but are left with the expectation to use them for his kingdom. But lucky for us the layout Jesus left us can easily be applied to our lives if we just look at 1 peter 3:18 

3 Must-Knows of Godly Preparation:

1. Know Your Why - Why is it that I'm here? What is my God given Calling on this earth? Why do I need God? These questions are questions I believe aren't asked enough in life. Because if you don’t even know why you're in ministry or bible college now, how will you ever be sure of anything in life ? If you know that then Awesome, you're one step closer to Godly Preparation, but If you don't, it's imperative that you figure it out why. Zeal can only bring you so far in life, but if you don't have a God given word or confirmation of a word on why you're doing what you're doing it won't last very long. Jesus knew His why “ For Christ Also Suffered Once For Sins” Do you know yours?

2. Know Your Who - Jesus Was “The Just who came for The Unjust”. There is no demographic or age group specific to the calling that God has placed on every single one of our lives. Yes our ministry may revolve around one group more than another in this season but it is very important to remember if Jesus came for the UNJUST as a whole how much more should we. So even as we serve in our respected ministries just keep in the back of your head that there are more than just the people that you're focused on at that moment. 

3. Know The Cost - You don't need any more than what God has already given you. But after you give that out,  you're going to need to be refilled. The biggest thought that should come when you're preparing in a Godly manner for the life he has in store for you is sacrifice. Give with no regret or second thought, Because it's never been yours to begin with. The Harvest is great but the workers are few, said Jesus, meaning we're gonna have to work double time. And as we work double time we need to press deeper into the presence of God to receive all the rest/fulfillment we will ever need. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice “Being put to death in the flesh” so we don't have to suffer , now all our job is, is to give what he's given to you in all things that you do. Which is the message of Salvation!

These are the three Must-Knows of a successful Godly Preparation. But preparing is only the beginning. You still have to live out what you have prepared. And remember, in all the things you do, that you are doing it for His kingdom. The kingdom of Order, Peace, and Love. 


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