What are the admission requirements?

18 years of age by start of semester

HS graduate or GED

Completed application for admission online       

Pastoral Recommendation Form (also found in online application)

Is housing included in tuition?
Tuition does not include housing. Students are responsible for securing their own housing, but we do offer housing arrangements on campus. It is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Does the college offer financial aid or student loans?
Our one year ministry certificate program does not qualify for student loans.

If a student chooses to pursue courses through our partnership with Southeastern University they can find more information on their website. 

Does the college offer scholarships?

We offer two scholarships. The Surge Scholarship and the President's Scholarship.

What is the weekly schedule for students?
Bethany College runs four days a week (Monday - Thursday). In addition, students are also required to serve at our weekend services at various campuses.

Can you come as a married couple?
Yes, we allow married students as long as their spouse is in full agreement of the decision.