Practicum Highlight: Kids

Breanna Simoneaux is a Legacy Year student that is graduating this week! She has served in the Next Gen department working with kids for the past semester. She’s passionate about serving families and loving children. Our conversation is below!

Why did you choose this practicum?

My first semester I actually didn't chose this practicum, because I was in the pastoral practicum. On one Sunday I served with kids and Pastor Natalie walked up to me and said "You obviously have a heart for kids, why aren't you in kids practicum?!" I told her I would think about it, and I ended up making the decision to move into kids! It’s been the best decision I’ve made.

What do you get to do with your practicum every week?

We do a lot of inventory and restock supplies throughout the week. We have so many events that happen, so we go through a lot of supplies! We get to buy a lot of candy and TONS of shaving cream for slime. Being around the kids supplies means we get to play with silly costumes that are used in kids services and have a lot of fun. Probably one of the coolest things, though, is getting to sit in on team meetings and observe everything that goes on in our department. 

What unique opportunities have you had here?

On Easter we got to play with live chicks! I mean, how cool is that? You just never know what you might get into. We’re also a really tight-knit community within the kids department. We really do share our lives together. We have so much fun!

What would you say to someone that feels called to ministry?

I would say definitely talk to whoever is over kids at your church to see if you're qualified (you’ll have to get a background check, etc.) and if you can work with kids. Just go for it! 

What you learned the most?

I didn't know how much loving kids helps the family and brings the family closer together until I starting serving. To see parents appreciate what you're doing for their family is amazing. It's the family aspect that I really love. Also, when kids remember you when you're serving, it’s really rewarding to see those relationships form.

How have you been challenged and stretched?

My campus requires a lot of help because we currently don't have a ton of volunteers on Sundays. That’s probably the only thing that has been a little stretching, just to be available for all services, every week.

What's coming up in your practicum that you're really excited about?
BKids Camp is coming up! We’re gearing up for an awesome summer. BKids is also preparing for Mother’s Day Tea, which is a fun event for moms and daughters the Saturday before Mother’s Day. You can find out more about our events here!