Why We Love LA


Here at Bethany we’re all gearing up and preparing for one of the most exciting things we do all year: Love LA. On April 13th, groups all across the state of Louisiana will serve the needs of our community in various ways. We asked our college students why they love Louisiana. Their responses are below:

I Love LA because…

  • “… Bethany College and Bethany Church. God called me to LA because this is where Bethany is. This is the place God did heart surgery on me. I really believe this was a stopping place for me in order to do what God wants me to. I also love the conservative people out here and this state is filled with so many amazing churches.” - Princess 

  • “… God loves LA and because of the culture!”

  • “… I met my wife here.”

  • “… Bethany and Bethany College! I’m thankful for the legacy that lives here and the opportunity we have to grow closer to God here! And the environment!” -Crystal

  • “… this is where I was born and raised and because of Bethany!”

  • “… the people, culture and the food.”

  • “… the hospitality and food.”

  • “… it’s where I was born and raised. It’s full of genuine, loving people. It’s where I have found an amazing community of believers seeking Christ. And the food here is amazing!”

  • “… food, people and local church!”

  • “… this is home. I grew up here in Walker, Louisiana and the community from this small town has been overwhelming. When I started attending Bethany, the small community of Walker turned into a larger community from not only Walker but all over Louisiana. You fall in love with the culture here, and you’re captivated by the sights, music, and tastes in LA. I’m so thankful God has allowed me the opportunity to grow up here and God has given us all such a beautiful canvas to paint His picture on! Let’s takeover LA!”

  • “… gumbo!”

  • “… the Bethany Creative Team!”

  • “… the southern hospitality, the great food and diversity. Don’t forget about the sweet tea.”

  • “… Albasha’s and Bethany College.”

  • “… the LA culture.”

  • “… I met Jesus here.”

  • “… crawfish season and places to hang out.”

  • “… Bethany Church.”

  • “… this is where God called me to get away from all I know in Washington state (Home), to come here and get truly discipled and grow in him like never before through Bethany Church and Bethany College! LA is a reminder of Gods faithfulness and love in my life. I took a chance coming to LA and God has not let me down since!

  • “… I love the crawfish.”

  • “… the awesome people I have met here!”

  • “… the amazing weather!”