Alumni Stories: Rene’ Maillet

Rene' Maillet is a Bethany College alumni that received an amazing job offer during his senior year. He is now a full time youth pastor at a thriving church in Lafayette, LA. We interviewed Rene' to see how he's doing in his new job and learn how he's adjusted since being a student. You can find our conversation below!

How did Bethany College prepare you for your current job?

"Bethany College helped prepare me with the practical stuff like systems and discipleship... literally EVERYTHING I learned here prepared me. The only thing I had to learn on the job was admin stuff like dealing with receipts, etc."

How much of what you learned here are you now implementing in your youth ministry?

"Discipleship development has been HUGE. I'm doing a discipleship small group now with students on my team. I've found that leadership is empowering the right people in the right places... One of our greatest struggles I see here is that people want to do EVERYTHING. Some people on my team serve on 3 teams and are pulled in many different directions. I tell people to be more like a rifle than a shotgun. We want to see longevity, power, energy, and focus, rather than being spread out in different areas... So the discipleship and leadership principles I learned at Bethany College have been working here."

What's your role on Sundays?

“Currently on Sundays I'm connecting with students and parents, building relationships with them, and helping them take their next steps. I'm also over our parking team. We have 4 services on Sundays and most of our students serve on teams within the church like kids, production, greeting, and worship. We recently made a transition having our city groups on Sunday. Middle school is during the 5 pm service, and high school happens immediately right after at 6:30 pm service. Since I've been here the student ministry at my campus averaged 23, and now it’s averaging 48!"

Going into your new role, what were some things that were different from what you expected?

“This is something I'm still learning and adjusting to. One thing was culture and how things are done. The church that hired me rarely makes outside hires and normally hires from within their own family of churches. So I was an exception to that and had to learn to adjust to a new way of doing things. The greatest differences I've adjusted to are our systems and our language. Since I've been there, I've definitely been empowered and encouraged to try new things!”

We love seeing young men and women walk in their purpose and calling! Rene’ is one example of what God is doing here at Bethany, and one of many that have been launched into full time ministry from this house. If you’d like to learn more about our programs and areas of study, click here!