BC Anchors: Spiritual Environment

Bible college is the last place that you would imagine a young person could lose their faith, and yet it happens all the time. Many professors at major Bible colleges aim to help students think critically about their faith and to even deconstruct what they believe. The result is tragic when those same students are not led to reconstruct an even stronger faith built upon the Word of God.

Bethany College students are taught to think critically about biblical texts but are also rooted in an environment in which they not only read about God, but experience Him on a daily basis. We offer a world-class education and a spiritually rich environment where young men and women thrive. The mission statement of Bethany Church is “We are bringing all people into the life, family, and purpose of God.” This mission shapes the environment that is Bethany College.

  • LIFE--Bethany Church is a life-giving, worshiping church. The presence of Jesus is evident in everything we do. Day in and day out, our students are constantly engaged and challenged in an environment of prayer and worship.

  • FAMILY--We're family. We are brothers and sisters in the faith, and we believe in the power and strength of community. One of the benefits of going to college in the context of a local church is access to men and women who can become spiritual mothers and fathers in the faith. Our staff and leaders share not only the Word of God with students, but also their lives.

  • PURPOSE--Our prayer is that every person who walks through the doors of Bethany Church would be awakened to their God-given purpose. From the platform to the parking lot, and in our homes, we are constantly looking for ways to better steward the life and calling God has given us. Our staff is committed to pulling out the potential God has placed in the life of each student.

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