How to be Successful ANYWHERE You Go

You can be the very best at what you do but if you don’t have soft skills, you’re limiting your chances of success. What are soft skills? They are the intangible skills that an employers look for that relate to your attitude and personality. These skills cannot be quantified or measured but they will make or break your career. Why? Because they will help you build relationships and open doors of opportunity for you in the future.

Here’s a list of some skills that our students are working on here at Bethany College. These skills are needed to land any job, but especially a job in ministry! If you’re intentional about developing these skills, you will be successful wherever life takes you.

  • Communication : No, we’re not talking about public speaking. We’re talking about your written and verbal communication. Both are important because they set the tone for how people perceive you. You have to know how to communicate in different situations and settings. And remember, the key to being a good communicator is being a good listener.

  • Self-motivation : Be a self-starter! Taking initiative and having a great attitude will carry you further than you think. Always look for ways to go the extra mile and do more than what’s asked of you.

  • Leadership : Leadership is inspiring and helping others reach their full potential. Companies are always looking to promote people that can make decisions and manage people and situations well. Be a positive and inspiring person, and doors will open for you.

  • Responsibility : Being where you say you’re going to be and doing what you say you’re going to do is crucial to building credibility and trust with people. Be ON TIME for your appointments and follow through with tasks assigned to you. When you make mistakes, take responsibility! This shows humility and a willingness to learn and improve.

  • Teamwork : When people with different skill sets are able to synchronize and work towards a shared goal, everyone wins. Being a team player means you can get the job done even when you don’t see eye to eye with others. This skill requires an ability to see the needs and perspectives of others, and to set aside differences.

  • Problem Solving : Employers value people that can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. A problem-solver requires both creativity, critical thinking, and maybe even some research. When problems come up, always go to your boss with a solution, not a problem.

  • Time Management : Time management is your ability to maximize efficiency on the job. It’s more than just not goofing off, but making the most of every day. A person that can manage their time well can work under pressure and within tight deadlines. Show that you value others’ time by arriving to meetings on time.

  • Flexibility : In industries that are constantly changing, the ability to adapt easily is so important. Being flexible means being open-minded to new tasks and challenges, and maintaining a positive outlook through change.

  • Work ethic : Work ethic refers to your ability to follow through on tasks and deliver quality work on time. Most employers will hire someone with a strong work ethic over someone more qualified with a weak work ethic. Hard skills can be taught but soft skills like this come from within.

Along with a quality education, our students are taught soft skills because we believe in character formation. If you want a college that will shape your character, check us out. Register for our next Preview Day here!