Student Stories: Jay Goes to Mexico

This year I’ve had the opportunity to go not only go on one, but two mission trips! I got to go to Mexico and more recently to Bali, Indonesia. I have always had the desire to go on a missions trip because I have traveled to many places around the world, but never with the purpose to share the love of Christ. When I started praying about which trip to go on, I immediately knew that Mexico was the one for me.


Our Mission

In Mexico I saw some pretty amazing things happen. We went to an orphanage and got to see the most adorable kids in the entire planet. My heart literally melted. As soon as I walked in a 3-year-old boy ran up to me and wanted me to carry him around. I almost put him in my suitcase to take back home with me, but there were some legal issues with that!

I also got the chance to preach and share my testimony in a homeless outreach. We also helped with some groundskeeping, we helped feed those in need, and we got to help clean up the church that was hosting us.


Speak to Me

I’ve always heard about people’s testimonies from mission trips and how God spoke to them. So this was on my mind the entire trip and I waited for God to speak to me. It seemed like everyday someone was hearing something from God and I was like “Man, God reveal something to me!” The funny part about this trip was God didn’t speak to me until we took off to head back home. While the plane was climbing in the air, I looked down at the valleys, cities, and neighborhoods. God began to speak to me about perspective.


So many things go on in everyday life, but when I was up in the plane I saw so much beauty. God was telling me that life can be messy, distractions may occur, and I can get so focused on what’s happening in front of me that I miss seeing what is happening above.

The scripture God led me to was Acts 9:1-19 which was Saul’s conversion. God was showing me a different perspective on this scripture. When Paul was blinded for 3 days, I could only imagine what he must of felt like. Thoughts of “Why me?, What is going on?, How can I get my sight back?” God revealed to me that we all have seasons that we enter in, some good and some bad, but we always have a choice to see the beauty in it. That rocked me to my core! Now when I go through a tough season I search for the beauty in it and ask God, “What are you showing me through this?”