Student Stories: Kulin Goes to Brazil

In May of this year I went on my first mission trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! Getting away from home for two weeks to experience a different culture and see the need that was there was a huge eye opener for me and has given me a passion for missions.

Our Mission 

The purpose of the trip was to come underneath the vision of the Dream Center in Rio De Janerio and support what they were already doing in the city. We went to the slums to evangelize and invited people to a crusade where people were healed physically and set free from demonic powers!


What I Learned About God 

Through all of the experiences God was teaching me that he is a missionary God and that missions is not a man-made construct, but one that God himself has set up. When we partner with him on his mission we get to experience his presence and power in the way that it was meant- to empower us for his mission.

I experienced this first hand in the poverty stricken, gang militia ran slums where we ministered. The people there were truly forgotten about by the rest of the country and community.


How This Trip Changed Me

The weight of the needs of the people was so heavy and hit me in one moment when we were on the bus ride to the slums. I felt so unqualified, so discouraged, so weak, and so “uncalled” in that moment, but God showed me that his strength is perfect in my weakness.

Despite all the emotions and thoughts that were going through my head, God met me in one of the most powerful ways that I’ve ever experienced and he filled me up with his spirit to do the work that he had for me there! It was so cool to see that God was so strategic with the infilling of his Holy Spirit in our lives in order to complete the mission that he had for us.