One Year, BIG Impact: Choose Legacy this Year

What would happen if you dedicated just one year of your life to focus on one thing- growing your relationship with God? One year can make all the difference in walking out your purpose and living the legacy God has written for you. That is the heart of LEGACY Year.

Own Your Faith

We have found that many students who grow up in church and attend secular universities really struggle in their faith, or worse, even deny their faith. Legacy Year is our gap year program for high school graduates or college age students. It is a year that establishes a solid faith foundation so that no matter where you go next, you will stand strong in your faith and purpose.  In preparing students to live boldly for Christ, they deepen their relationship with Him and own their faith by knowing what they believe.

What does Legacy Year look like? It’s a uniquely designed one-year living and learning experience in which students are equipped with biblical and practical leadership tools. In this program students will earn 18 credit hours to complete the *Certificate in Practical Ministry from Bethany College.

Courses Include:

  • Apologetics

  • Biblical Worldview

  • New Testament Doctrine  

  • Spiritual Formation  

  • Prayer

  • Discipleship

  • On top of taking courses, students get hands-on training from our Bethany Church staff who are some of the best in the world at what they do. Patrick Kitchen, Legacy Year student with a concentration in Worship said,

“Bethany College is more than just any other college. It has taught me to hone in on my talent that God has given me as well as to grow in knowledge and wisdom in the things of the kingdom of God. I have had the opportunity and privilege with great peers as well as learn from the mentorship of amazing leaders.”


  • Pastoral Ministries

  • Worship

  • Youth

  • Experience

  • Missions

  • Pastoral

  • Kids

Gain Relationships That Last a Lifetime

One of the greatest things students gain from Legacy Year is a new family and tribe of like-minded people. The friendships and relationships that are built are completely life changing and will continue well after the year is over. Malorie Crochet, Legacy Year student with a concentration in Children’s Ministry said,

“I think the best thing about Bethany College has been the friendships and family I’ve made here. No matter what you’re going through, you’re not going through it alone because they won’t let you! When you come here you’ve joined a family that loves you unconditionally, and that is more than I could ever ask for!”

Choose Legacy This Year

If you look at the scope of your life in its entirety, one year is hardly a sacrifice to make to pursue the call of God. Legacy Year can play a strategic role in your spiritual development and set you up to win in life if you’re willing to just say yes. You can say yes today and take the first steps toward living and leaving a legacy that outlives you- click here