This is a Call to the Dreamers: 3 Keys to Radical Personal Growth

So it's official- Tuesdays at 2:00 is a THING and if you haven't heard about it yet you have got to jump on Instagram live with us next week! This week pastors Chad Harris and Jon Torres went live to talk more about leadership and the topic was the power of personal growth and WHY you need to be growing personally.

This is a biblical concept, not a self-help concept. There's a parable in the bible (you can read it here) that teaches us that God will hold us accountable for what He's given us. We're stewards of everything we've been given, including our own spiritual growth. Here's our notes from this week's talk:

3 Keys to Personal Growth


  • You first have to be real and honest about where you're at- that you haven't "arrived" and that you NEED to grow. There's nothing worse than a young person that lacks self-awareness and has a terrible know-it-all mindset. This will actually keep you from growing. 
  • Don't strive to be the best, strive to be BETTER. If you think you've become the best, you actually become your own enemy to future growth. You should always be working on getting better, no matter where you're at. Don't compete against other people, compete against yourself. Because there's always another level for you in every area of life.


  • This is where you implement the GRIT that we talked about last week! Set goals for YOURSELF. Don't put personal growth on other people, put it on yourself. 
  • If you don't have an internal pressure gauge you might be falling into apathy. (We're looking at you, Fortnite addict.) Here's a little dating advice for guys: girls love guys that have some drive (and the ladies said AMEN!) so stay motivated and push yourself to grow!
  • A root cause of apathy is often a lack of purpose. Passion is connected to a significant purpose which can be found in God! If you'd like to hear more on this topic leave a comment and we will tackle it in a future video. 😃


  • To grow into our full potential we need pressure from the outside too. This comes in the form of mentors and people of accountability that we invite into our lives. No matter how good you are, we all need people in our lives that push us. 
  • This could also come in the form of books and podcasts. You can be mentored from afar by diving into content that leaders are putting out. Here's some books and podcasts we recommend:

Share your favorite leadership book or podcast with us in the comment section!


  • This is SUPER important: a lot of people that are highly driven but don't have any external pressure become freight trains who are very talented but immature. Be careful if you have a lot of drive but little external feedback in your life. You need people to help you grow into maturity so that you can fully live the purpose God has for your life.
  • We shouldn't compare ourselves to people (hello Instagram) but we can't neglect the fact that "iron sharpens iron", meaning that we only get better when we're living in community with people that can help us grow to where we want to go. 

The pressure is good for you! Don't isolate yourself from people that give you feedback and push you forward. If you trust them, it's only going to be out of love and for your own success.

Calling all Dreamers

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you and talk more about God's plan and purpose for your life at Bethany Conference. On June 21st before the final service of the conference, we're hosting a hangout at 5:30! Let us know you're coming (click here) and we'll be in touch with more details.