What it Means to Have GRIT

This week pastors Chad Harris and Jon Torres went live on Instagram to continue the conversation about adulting and they gave us 4 solid takeaways for every young leader. 

They talked about GRIT and how to NOT be a "snowflake"- a term defined by Merriam Webster "as referring mostly to millennials who were allegedly too convinced of their own status as special and unique people to be able (or bothered) to handle the normal trials and travails of regular adult life."

We're tackling this mindset in our newly dubbed "Tuesdays at 2:00" chats and this week's content was PURE GOLD! Here's our notes: 

What It Means to Have GRIT

First of all, you have to know that grit is a mentality. If we want to avoid falling into the "snowflake" mindset, we have to replace it with a new one: a grit mindset. 

G- Gumption

Gumption is an irresistible sense of passion, drive, and a sense of fervency for something. To have gumption means you take action whether you feel like it or not and you don't allow your feelings dictate your life.

Our advice to you: don't choose the most comfortable path right now, as tempting as it may be. Be intentional about putting yourself in environments that challenge you and push you past the feelings that might be holding you back. Without gumption, you'll never be able to do the great things you dream about.  

R- Responsibility

Responsibility is simply taking care of the things that have been placed on us- the things that are placed in our court that we have to do no matter what. This includes our school assignments, work responsibilities, chores at home, etc. Here's where we get ourselves into trouble: we only want to be responsible for what we LIKE.

Our advice to you: see responsibilities as an opportunity to steward something well. Push through those things you have to do that you don't like, and eventually all of your hard work will lead to what you really love. Jon says, "Responsibility is the vehicle that gets you to your destination."

I- Initiative

Initiative is going the step above what's required. Because doing what's asked of you- the bare minimum- is not enough. We will take initiative in what we value. The most mature and strong people take initiative even where it's not even expected.

Our advice to you: don't wait on someone to tell you what to do, just start doing it. Start moving and take action. It's better that you have to be pulled back from taking initiative than the alternative. Be a doer!

T- Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is being a person that others can put confidence in. If you can't be trusted with anything, you'll never be promoted to anything. And if you're frustrated in your life about not moving forward, you probably haven't yet done what you've been entrusted to do. 

Our advice to you: do a serious self-check and ask yourself if you're the type of person others can be confident in. Are you stewarding what you've been given well?

We Believe We Can Change the World 

Even if our moms did tell us we were super special and we have shelves full of participation trophies, God has a purpose for this generation and we're crazy enough to believe that we can change the world. If you have a passion for ministry and this resonates with you, we would love to meet you at our next hangout during Bethany Conference. You can register here and we will be in touch with more details!