Start Your Legacy Here: Pt 2

My son just left his terrible twos and I am afraid we have now entered into the treacherous threes. He has recently developed a strong liking for the word “mine”. If he sees anything he wants, even if it does not belong to him, his first reaction is to say “that’s mine!” Just the other day I had a drink in my hand that clearly belonged to me, but he instantly went to reach for it and said, “mine!”

Go After What You Want

When you are two or three-years-old no one has to teach you to take what you want. If you see it then it can be yours. In your toddler-brain it already belongs to you. I am not saying that is a good thing, but it is reality. We aren’t afraid to go after what we want.

But when we grow up, at some point we know better than to do this. We quit claiming what we think should be ours. We think of others (as we should) but when it comes to our own life, we can’t become passive. The three-year-old inside needs to stand up and say, “Mine!” Take ownership of your life, because no one else is going to.

Your Life = Your Responsibility

We don’t all start at the same place. It is no secret about life that some are given more advantages than others, but at the end of the day your life is your responsibility. There are alot of factors about life that you cannot control. You cannot control the family or situation you were born into. You cannot help what people say about you or even think about you. But you still have to take ownership of YOUR life. We do not have to be victims to our situations, but we can be victorious.

Take Ownership

So where can we start taking ownership of our lives today? We can start with our attitudes. You can’t always help what has happened to you but you can control your attitude.  

Once you realize you are responsible for your life there is only one true response, and that is to willfully lay it down for Jesus. Our President, Dr. Tony Foster says all the time, “You only have one life to live. You might as well blow it all for Jesus.” 🔥

We will teach you how to own your life and lay it down for Jesus.