Start Your Legacy Here: Pt 1


That could be the most powerful sentence ever spoken. It is only one word. It is self-explanatory and to the point, but why is it so hard to just start sometimes? I know I am not the only one who has been stressed out by their extensive list of things to do, but decided to start by taking a nap or going down the rabbit hole of watching cat videos on YouTube.  

Just Start

I have a good friend who was from the north and moved south after he retired. One day he was he was frustrated with how slow the progress was with some workers he had hired to repair some things. He told me, “Every time I talk to these guys there always “fixin’” to get to work. Stop fixin’ to and just do it already.”

I laughed because he is right. In the south everyone is “fixin” to do something. If someone calls and they ask you, “What are you doing?” You usually respond with… “I’m fixin’ to go eat… I’m fixin’ to go work… I’m fixin’ to clean the garage.” But at some point you’ve got to quit staring at the blank page in front of you and type the first word. You have to take the first step of the marathon. You can’t stand at the edge of the diving board any longer.

Jump In

When I was 6 or 7 years old, we use to go with some friends to a country club that they were members of. They had a pool, and the pool had a high-dive. I remember watching people and thinking I am going to do it. So I walked over and climbed the ladder to the high-dive only to realize when I got to the top that I was in real trouble. I tried to back out and climb down the ladder, but the lifeguard told me I was not allowed to climb down. At this point I am terrified and in tears. I had to jump. So I went for it. I did the one thing you are not supposed to do off a high-dive unless you know what you are doing. I tried to dive--- hence the name (high-dive)… Well my dive quickly became flailing through the air and a giant belly flop. I hit the water flat like a pancake. I came up out of the water and my body was bloodshot red from the impact and I was screaming in pain. It was not pretty. It was even painful. But you know what… I did it. I jumped. I wasn’t someone on the sidelines anymore. I was in the game!

We’re Here to Help You Start

Bethany College isn’t your final destination. Bethany College is a place where you start. You start your journey with discipleship. You start your ministry. You start developing your love for the Word of God. It is a place where you stop ‘fixin’ to do something for God and you just do it. You take the leap off the high dive. You might flop and it might not look pretty, but you did it. You started!

We are here to help you start.

Start Your Legacy Here.