Student Stories: Nick Sings with Bethany Music

Here at Bethany College, students are presented with tons of unique opportunities to serve. Nick Day has been a part of the upcoming album release of Bethany Music, so I sat down with him and talked about his role in the project. In this interview Nick tells us about his testimony, how he got to Bethany College, and his hopes for the future of Bethany Music.

When did you feel called to ministry?

When I was in 12th grade in high school, I went to a BOLD Encounter, which was one of the youth nights. I remember Pastor Wayne was teaching on the cross, and on what Jesus did for us on the cross. In that moment I went to the altar and got saved that night. I realized I wasn't called to what everyone else thought I was called to, which was football, but I was called to do ministry.

When did you feel called to lead worship?

Crazy as it seems, it was actually after I made it on the worship team. The first time I tried out for the worship team, I didn't make it. So after that, Pastor Jon Torres started using me in BOLD and raising me up as a worship leader, and then I tried out again and I made it on Bethany Worship. It wasn't until I did my first special with Kamber & Ross, “O Come to the Altar” that I heard it clear as day- this is what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life, leading people in worship like this.

What made you decide to come to Bethany College?

It was God. No one else really believed in it, besides God, my friend Rene, and Pastor Jon Torres. I just knew what God had told me and I dropped my football scholarship. I thought my whole life my identity was in football because that's what my family told me. And then I found out I didn't like football and that wasn't what I wanted to do, because I knew I was a worshipper and I wanted to sing. God just told me that if I go over there, His hand and will for my life wasn’t over there [playing football]. And I would much rather be where His will is for my life. He just told me to come here, and against all odds, I came.

What opportunities have you had since being here?

Man! I was raised up in BOLD as a student since I was 16. Now I'm 21 and I'm over BOLD Worship. I'm a part of Bethany Worship Team- like the actual team, which is crazy to be with all the dudes who have been worshipping since I was a kid. I just made it on the first Bethany Music album. I'm singing one of the songs Pastor Jonathan and James wrote. I get to worship every single weekend at a megachurch. It's amazing leading people in worship. 

What was it like to be a part of the project?

I feel like it says a lot about the church- just to welcome somebody in as they've welcomed me in. I come from a lot of poverty and a lot of racial profiling, and coming to a place like this where diversity is so large, I would have never thought I would be on a team full of different ethnicities and different backgrounds. But they've welcomed me in. I just feel like I'm a part of the team. And I never thought that was a possibility in a place like this. But I'm around a very diverse group. They welcomed me in with open arms, not because of what I look like, but because of who I am in Christ. 

What's your hopes for the song coming out?

I hope it speaks to people all over the nation. All over the world. I hope Bethany Church reaches people all over the world. I think this album is going to be huge. Every song is great content. So for Fearless I've been praying to God, “let it reach as far as you can make it reach.” 

What would you say to a young person with the dreams to do ministry and put out music?

It doesn't have to makes sense to everybody but it has to make sense to you. That's why God gave YOU the dream and not everyone else the dream. Keep going, even when you can’t see what's past the next door. Just know that God's already there. 

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